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Image of SM-5 Sound Machine.  Front and Rear

Ultimate Battery Powered Portable Sound Systems


Sound Projections offers the best battery powered portable sound systems that are built to perform.  Engineered with today's technology, our products deliver the power, features and performance that sets new standards for the industry. 


A marching band PA system, auctioneer usage large and small, or an elementary school assembly, these battery powered sound systems are designed for indoor and outdoor use.  

Designed, Engineered, and Built in the USA

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Sound Projections systems are designed for clear audible sound.  This provides for the best communication between the caller and the bidder to keep those bids increasing.

Image of Bryan Knox Auctioneer

Marching Bands

Sound Projections battery powered sound systems are the gold standard and the #1 choice for marching bands across the country.

Image of sound machine

High schools and Universities trust Sound Projections to communicate on the football field or in the rehearsal hall.

Parks & Rec

Image of Sound Machine at T-Ball game

- Opening Day Ceremonies

- Movies and Concerts in the Park

- Parades

Indoors or Outdoors, the SM-5 Sound Machine with installed Shure wireless mics and Bluetooth unit will got anywhere it's needed.



"My SM-5 speaker was a star performer across a Civil War battlefield for a recent film project. Despite the horrors of war (men screaming, bombs exploding, cannon fire), verbal instructions were delivered with clarity over great distances...Impressive!"

Ed N

Production Sound Mixer


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Do you have questions about what system or package is best for you needs?

Want to get the most out of the unit you already own or need an older system repaired?

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Please contact us anytime.  We answer all questions either by email, or we will call you directly as quickly as possible.  

Our top priority is our customers.

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1815 W. 205th St. # 103  Torrance, CA  90501

Tel: 888-291-1288



Sound Projections powerful, highly integrated portable sound systems, provide flexible sound reinforcement for indoor or outdoor events including: lunchtime activities, after school release, or an emergency PA system.  Options include built-in Shure wireless systems and BlueTooth player. 


Made in the USA, 3-year warranty system/battery. 

Call toll free 888-291-1288

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