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Analog or Digital.....Which is best in a portable PA system?


UHF Analog wireless microphones operate in the same frequency band as UHF TV stations (470Mhz to 599Mhz). In some locations, typically major metropolitan areas, this band is so crowded that analog wireless microphones cannot operate reliably.

The best solution for these locations is to employ a Digital wireless microphone that operates outside of the TV station band.  Also, if the system is going to be used in multiple locations, Digital may be preferable as it is immune to the UHF TV band which changes from location to location.

Why not just have digital wireless mic options?

Because Analog wireless mics operate at lower frequencies they provide greater range (50 to 100’ more) than an equivalent Digital wireless mic. When a user is more than 200 feet from the sound system, and local TV stations don’t interfere, the analog system is a better choice. 

If you have questions about which system may be best for you, call toll free 888-291-1288

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