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VM-2 Voice Machine

It's small, and LOUD

Image VM-2+ Voice Machine
  • Clear, Powerful Sound
          127 dB SPL 


  • Lightweight  

             Base system - 15 pounds                                                             

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery

          Rated for over 2000 charge-recharge cycles,                                       8-14 hours of use per charge                                                                  

  • SHURE 123-Ch UHF or 60-Ch Digital Wireless System

           External antennas for over 450' range (optimal)                                 Over 300' range (typical - open TV station)                                               

  • Two 8 Ohm Speaker Outputs

          Fill large areas with consistent, even coverage                               

  • Warranty                                                                       3 year system and battery                                                            

Image VM-2D+ Voice Machine, front and rear, click to visit Voice Machine Package Page
Image PSC-VM slip cover for Voice Machine, click to visit Voice Machine Accessories Page

Voice Machine use by Holy Fire Ministries

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