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Marching Band Field Set-up

Sound Projections is proud to offer SHURE wireless microphones installed in both the Sound Machine and Voice Machine powered speakers.  These frequency agile wireless systems will automatically scan and find the best operating frequecy for your location.  Once the frequency is determined, the channel is locked in.  This allows band directors to send a single wireless transmitter to multiple powered systems at once.  Typically sending a signal from the front to back part of the field.  

Marching Band Dual SM-5 Systems wireless tranmission.jpg
Marching Band SM5 front VM2 rear 72.jpg
Marching Band VM2 front VM2 rear 72.jpg

Ultimate Marching Band Field Setup

4 powered systems all wireless transmission

Marching Band SM5D front VM2D POWERED Al

This design was created specifically for Allen High School in Allen, TX.  They wanted 4 battery powered systems, each installed with 2 Shure PGX-D wireless systems to communicate to the over 600 students marching on the field.  

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