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SM-5 Sound Machine

The Ultimate Portable Sound System

  • 200 Watts Total Power
        up to 126 dB SPL indoors or outdoors

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery
         rated for over 2000 charge-recharge cycles

  • SHURE 123-Ch UHF or 60-Ch Digital Wireless system
        external antennas for over 450' range (optimal) and over 300'            range (typical - open TV station)

  • Optional Bluetooth receiver
        Bluetooth v3.0 - 50' typical operating distance - line of site.

  • Only 32 Pounds
        35 pounds with BlueTooth and 1 receiver

  • Best Warranty in the Industry
        6 year system, 4 year battery

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PSC-SM 72 png_edited.png

"Music of the Night" played through SM-5

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